Welcome to Java Flats, located in beautiful Bell’s Flats on Kodiak Island, in Alaska. We take pride in handcrafting wholesome and delectable meals and providing a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy. Serving gourmet sandwiches and soups, scrumptious salads, specialty coffee drinks, and fresh baked goodies, we welcome you to stop in for a quick bite to go, or a leisurely meal.

We offer our breakfast and lunch menus from open till 3 p.m., so feel free to fulfill that breakfast-for-lunch hankering in the afternoon, or pick up a sandwich to take for lunch first thing in the morning.

We bake daily, so a hot-out-of-the-oven cookie might just be awaiting your nibble right now! Enjoy it with a cup of locally roasted brew and head out the road for your own special style of adventure.

About Us


-We care about the quality of your experience and would love to know how we can help if you have dietary restrictions or special needs.

-Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are available in addition to our standard, scrumptiously omnivorous fare.

- We believe in a sustainable Kodiak, so when available and affordable we use organic produce, we buy local, and we use eco-friendly cleaners to help keep our bay healthy.

-We participate in our community’s recycling program and collect our food scraps for compost.

-We use compostable paper to-go containers and corn based compostable “plastic” to go cups. Our to go cutlery is made of wood and makes great kindling for that fire on the beach after your picnic lunch!

Welcome to Java Flats


In the flats, our homes nestle into the foothills of a horseshoe of mountains where summer's emerald green makes this bay, and its craggy mountain backyard, a pristine spot for adventuring. Whether you are fishing, hunting, hiking, birding, camping, or kayaking, beauty awaits you here in Bells Flats. Fishing the Russian River is likely to yield a cooler full of wild salmon and a glimpse of our most famous local, the Kodiak Brown Bear. A healthy bruin population in the flats makes the sight of a Bruin, or two, or seven, at the highest count last summer, almost a daily occurrence during the Coho salmon run of late summer and fall. Winter brings a need to dust off your snowshoes and skis for mountain top views, and brings access to the valleys up river as they ice over and make natural cross country ski paths.

About Me

When I first arrived in Kodiak I did not plan to stay. I was here on a lark, taking a break from college to pick up a friend who was here for a summer fishing job. We planned to spend the summer exploring Alaska, then drive back to Colorado together in time to continue our scholastic endeavors in the fall. Oh, the plans we make! Upon arriving I fell in love with the landscape, with the mid-July midnight sun, with the new smells and sounds, and with the seemingly limitless possibilities of life discovered through a first solo adventure. That summer Kodiak took me in and shook me up. I learned about wildness and community in equal measure, encountered serendipity face to face, and found family in the most unlikely of places. I have been well taken care of by this island and I hope to give a bit of this nurturing back. I care about the quality of your experience here at Java Flats and hope that by providing tasty homemade treats, wholesome and healthful food, and carefully crafted coffee drinks, we can make a positive difference in your day. May Kodiak smile upon you as it has upon me, and enjoy the grub. Alicia